Our Soups & Stoups are always very popular.  First thing about them is that there is no spelling error in "Stoup".  It's actually quite funny how many times we have gotten a panicked phone call from a concerned friend or family member to say we have a typo on our label.  There is always that level on fear until we realise that is is the word "stoup" they are referring to!

Our stoup is nearly like a meal in itself.  It is a cross between a soup and a stew, hence the word stoup.  It is usually a vegetable soup base, beefed up with chunky veg, a rice or grain and chicken breast.  Like the rest of our meals, these can be adapted to suit individual needs.  The most frequent request is for a vegetarian stoup.  This is no problem as this is why we start off with a vegetable base.

Above is our Chicken Pho Stoup, an Asian style soup with chicken, rice noodles, crunchy veg & fresh herbs.  Next is our Chicken Satay Stoup then our Moroccan style Chicken Harrira Stoup, which is tomato based soup with chicken breast, chunky vegetables and lentils with Moroccan herbs & spices.

Because of the nature of our deliveries, all of our soups & stoups are delivered chilled with heating instructions on the packaging.  Like the rest of our meals, they also have full nutritional information on the label.