Our specials really are something special.  People get so excited about what our specials will be on any given week - probably about 70% of the meals that we sell on a weekly basis are our specials.  While we are so happy with our regular menu items and 100% love to eat them too, the special bowls, sandwiches and the stoup is where we can have a bit more fun.  

We never planned to have so much traction behind them but it just happened that way.  We have been so lucky to have build up a very loyal bunch of regular customers and this is because every week you can get something totally different that is still as tasty and delicious as the previous week.

Above are some of the favourite specials we have done over the past few months.  Hover over each photo to see what they are.  Each one is sure to be on again soon.  The best way to keep up with our most current specials is on our social media stories!