I know we are always harping on about it, but balance is very important to us.  Not just in your diet but in life in general.  We love to be able to help out and make a contribution to community events when and where was can.  We have been lucky to be involved in a few different types of events over the past few months.

Back in August, we were fortunate enough to be helping out with food at a roller blading fundraiser event.  This was an event organised by volunteers to raise vital funds for breast cancer awareness in conjunction with the beaumont Hospital Foundation.  It was so much fun and great to meet so many people all in aid of a great cause.

In mid July a friend invited us out to his restaurant to take over for the day.  These opportunities don't come up very often so we grabbed the chance with both hands and had a lunch time pop up shop in Blackrock.  It gave us a taster of what it could be like when we have our own premises that we can invite people to come into.

Back in June, a doctor blogger friend of ours was organising a wellness event for doctors in the hospital that she works in and asked if it was something we would be interested in helping out with.  We jumped at the chance as this is something that we have so much passion for.  If the people whose job it is to look after others are unable to look after themselves, there is not much chance for the rest of us!

We were delighted to be part of the very first Dublin Vegan Foodie Festival which took place in January last.  Although we are not vegan, or even vegetarian, we do like to eat a lot of vegan friendly meals.  We do not feel it to be a requirement to eat meat in every meal once you are getting your required amount of protein, iron and other vitamins from another source.  

One of our favourite things to do is try new foods and dishes ourselves and then incorporate them into our meals.  Because we do not yet have our own public premises, being involved in these sort of events really gives the opportunity to get out and meet people who we may not otherwise meet.  We love hearing what people love (and not so much love) to eat, food always brings conversation and opinions.  By getting out and chatting to the likes of yourself, we can sometimes get so much inspiration on what our next dish will be!

If you see us out and about at anything, please drop over to say hi & tell us about your favourite meal :)

Can't wait for the next event!