We opened our door for the first time in December 2019.  Covid-19 hit in March 2020.  We were open for just about ten weeks and then had to close temporarily while the world got to grips with the health pandemic that was going on.  At the time it was to be for two weeks.  We were closed completely for seven weeks.  At the time it felt like a much longer period.  

After about a month of being closed we started to think about re-opening for take away only.  It did take a few weeks to come up with a way that we could do so that was safe, efficient and also workable.  We were quite nervous on the first day of reopening - what if nobody turned up and we were wasting our time?  We could not have been more wrong, we had sold out of everything in under three hours - even milk for coffees!

After that day, we were relieved and had a bit of a spring in out step that our customers came back! It was scary that we were closed for nearly as long as we had been open for.  We opened back up for take away only on a four day week initially, then back up to a five day week.  The fantastic community in Raheny really embraced us even with all of the chopping and changing that 2020 brought.  At this stage we have probably been operating on a take away only basis for longer than we have had seats inside!  What is important to us is that the quality of the food remains that same whether we are serving it in a bowl or plate or if we are wrapping it up for take away.