Having a meeting at work or a party at home? Why not let Bowls Healthy Eating help you out with making your function as smooth as possible for you?

We do catering for groups of 8 – 80plus for breakfast meetings, family lunches and evening parties.

Like our other menus, all dishes can be adapted to suit your dietary needs and wants.

Above are some of the catering platters we have provided for various functions.  We have done simple fruit platters for a childcare group to help encourage healthy eating. We have catered for a 21st birthday party where the customer wanted an alternative to deep fried frozen food.  We have also catered for a vegan party, that customer found it very difficult to find a company who could provide a selection of vegan foods.  

Prices start at €4.50 per person.

We do not have a “one package suits all” for large orders, we will tailor your order around you so for more information or to have a chat about your specific requirements, please get in touch.