Cold Food Platters - 3 different salads per platter

Vietnamese Chicken Salad,
Japanese Smoked Salmon Salad,
Tuna Guacamole Salad,
Indonesian Vegetable Salad,
Tandoori Roast Cauliflower Salad,
Superfood Chicken Salad,
Thai Beef Salad,
BLT Salad,
Brazilian Beef Salad,
Chicken Shawarma Salad.

Hot Curry Dishes - Comes with Brown Rice
Thai Red Curry,
Sweet Potato & Almond Curry,
Balinese Style Curry,
Bowls Healthy Butter(less) Curry.

Hot Stir-Fried Rice Dishes
Honey & Sriracha Fried Rice,
Thai Lime & Basil Fried Rice,
Spicy Lemon & Sesame Fried Rice,
Korean Kimchi & Pineapple Fried Rice.

All of the above hot dishes can be made with chicken, beef or vegetarian. Any of the dishes on the weekly menus can also be made to suit catering size groups.